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Our Services
EC Garage offers both private motorists and company car drivers a wide range of services all of which are backed with good quality work and a friendly and efficient service at a price that represents excellent value.
MOT Servicing Brakes
Clutches Exhausts Tyres
We are located close to the town centre and railway station, so you have the option of having the MOT carried out while you wait or leaving it with us for the day. This would allow you to go into town, or work, collecting your vehicle later at your own convenience.
Regular car servicing can extend the life of a vehicle. The reason for this is simple - defects are found before they become catastrophic.
A small investment in routine car servicing and repair, plus a good inspection programme results in a good return.
Interim - 6 month vehicle service
This 6-month service/check up is designed for the high mileage car user, or where the manufacturer recommends more frequent checks. This service helps maintain your vehicle and prevents unforeseen faults. Included are an oil and filter change and a wide range of checks on the fundamental items.
Full - 12 month vehicle service
This is a very comprehensive annual service for trouble free motoring. It exceeds most manufacturers service schedules with up to 70 checks and adjustments and includes the replacement of spark plugs* and the air filter element as well as changing the engine oil ** and oil filter. High quality parts are used such as Castrol GTX lubricants and Champion spark plugs.
Regular brake checks are of great importance for the safety of your vehicle. At EC Garageyou can do this with routine servicing where your brakes are thoroughly checked or if you are ever in any doubt about the state of your brakes, in between services we provide a no obligation FREE OF CHARGE brake check.
Our car's exhaust is crucial to its performance. While the exhaust system is primarily designed to reduce noise, it is also responsible for reducing harmful emissions. A properly functioning exhaust system not only sounds better, it is better...for all of us.

EC Garage takes pride in providing high-quality mufflers, pipes, and other exhaust components. Our catalytic converters meet stringent legislative requirements for pollution reduction.

We offer a full range of exhaust service options. So, stop by today for a free exhaust inspection and get the peace of mind that EC Garage provides.